Roads Scholars Tour

"I will never forget the interactions with my colleagues and the enthusiasm of those I met and their willingness to share what makes them proud. I am now even more proud of the quality and the breadth of Ohio State and the state of Ohio. It is an experience I recommend absolutely."

David C. Manderscheid, PhD
Executive Dean and Vice Provost
College of Arts and Sciences
2014 Roads Scholar

Read more from Dean Manderscheid's blog post about his Roads Scholars Tour experience.  

This annual, two-day, traveling seminar takes faculty and administrators through a region of Ohio to meet faculty who are working with community partners, talk with current and future Ohio State students, learn from business and community leaders, and get acquainted with other faculty who may be partners for future projects.

2015 Roads Scholars Tour

2015 Stops:

Tuesday, July 21

Eye and Ear Institute, Columbus

Next Generation Films, Lexington

ArcelorMittal, Cleveland

Cleveland Museum of Art, Cleveland

Wednesday, July 22

Cuyahoga Valley National Park, Independence to Akron

University of Akron

Ohio State Wooster


2014 Roads Scholars Tour

The 2014 Roads Scholars Tour saw a group of more than 40 faculty head to Northeast Ohio to visit some of the university's community partners in the area. The Office of Outreach and Engagement would like to thank all of our participants and hosts. Your great energy made for an outstanding tour! The tour stopped at Ohio Stadium, Ohio State Mansfield, the Cleveland Museum of Art, the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum, Goodyear Headquarters and Ohio State Wooster.

Check out what tour participants and hosts were saying during the tour on social media

2014 Stops:

Tuesday, July 22
Ohio Stadium, Columbus (Connecting Academics, Athletics and Engagement)
Ohio State Mansfield
Cleveland Museum of Art, Cleveland
Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, Cleveland

Wednesday, July 23
Goodyear Headquarters, Akron
Ohio State Wooster


2012 Roads Scholars Tour

Ohio State President E. Gordon Gee and Vice President for Outreach and Engagement Valerie Lee led a group of approximately 50 faculty and staff members on the 2012 Roads Scholars Tour, a two-day trip across southwestern Ohio, July 23-24. Along the way, participants saw some of Ohio State’s amazing partnerships.

The Office of Outreach and Engagement thanks all of our participants and tour hosts! Our stops included the Wright Center of Innovation in Biomedical Imaging, the Farm Science Review, Wright State University, the National Museum of the U.S. Air Force, the National Underground Railroad Freedom Center, GE Aviation and the OSU Urban Arts Space.

More pictures are available on the Outreach and Engagement Facebook page.

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Stops included:

Photos and itineraries of past Roads Scholars Tours

Why Should You Become a Roads Scholar?

More than 800 Ohio State faculty members have gone on the tour since 1997. Roads Scholars applied their experiences by—

  • Interacting/collaborating with colleagues met on the tour
  • Discussing with colleagues what was learned on the tour
  • Becoming involved with or enhancing outreach collaborations or efforts
  • Visiting Ohio communities/sites or meeting with Ohioans
  • Using what was learned in teaching and interacting with students
  • Using what was learned to conduct or develop research

What past Roads Scholars say:

  • "I would highly recommend the Roads Scholar Tour to every faculty member at OSU, whether you’re new to OSU or you’ve been here for years."
  • "There is something for everyone to learn, and I am sure you’ll come away from the trip with a renewed interest, passion, and commitment for your teaching, research, service and above all your involvement with outreach and engagement to the community and society."
  • "The Roads Scholars program confirmed the fact that we are not only doing good things, but we are doing things that the university values and encourages. It also taught me what the land-grant mission encompasses and opened my eyes to larger avenues of possible outreach."
  • "The trip has been a fantastic experience in networking and collaboration."
  • "What can I say about this trip other than wow? It was eye opening to me to see the quality and dedication of faculty and staff across Ohio State who are reaching out to their communities and the state."
  • "As a new faculty member, I am coming away from this experience not only with many new contacts from my fellow scholars, but with many great ideas on how to work with the community around me."
  • "I would do this again in a heartbeat. Not being from Ohio and not knowing the state, it was time that was very well spent."
  • "I feel much more a part of the university now and also understand much better the importance of the outreach and engagement program."
  • "I really appreciate the regional campuses and their contribution to Ohio even more."
  • "I gained a new appreciation of the scope and impact of OSU across the state of Ohio. I share examples of this in my classes to help inform students about career possibilities that they might not have considered."
  • "It is great to take a step back and be able to mull the multiple possibilities available. There will be some positive actions and collaborations as a result of these 2 days."
  • "Great program! Refreshing and a great way to recharge after the tenure process."
  • "It made me feel more connected to this very large and diverse institution. That feeling has affected my willingness to be engaged in campuswide issues and see that my college is part of a larger academic culture."
  • "I would love another chance to participate. This is the best faculty retreat."
  • "The bigger sense of OSU and what it means to be a land-grant institution helped me properly place my institute and its efforts, as well as help me educate my bosses on the same."